Hi, I’m John. I am a Dallasite born and raised, and a Dallasite through and through. I am innately nostalgic, and photography is an outlet for my perceptive and relational ego. I don’t think that I have ever met a stranger. I believe that the art of my job is to anticipate and capture candid moments. My favorite images are caught in between a glance and a laugh.

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Weddings introduce me to an array of talented, intelligent, and uniquely gifted people. It is so cool when a friend, client, or stranger even, expresses a need and someone comes to mind that could refer or even be their __________ (broker, accountant, contractor, jewelry designer, sky-diving instructor, dentist, hunting guide, etc…). I love connecting with people myself, but it’s introducing two or more people to each other that can benefit from a new relationship and seeing where that goes that is most exciting to me.

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My Family

My Family