We made it home!!! WITH ALL THE BAGS!!! @maiteemiles @brittanyeblum @jsblair9 @laurablair_ #photosandgyros  Pretty lady and the Parthenon. @brittanyeblum #photosandgyros  Our #Santorini Villa from above. #photosandgyros Droning in Greece. @natural_gr #drone @jsblair9 @laurablair_ @brittanyeblum Missing @maiteemiles, and wishing @cecinewyork @nardosimam @emilyclarkeevents were HERE!  Who put the glad in gladiator? Circa 700BC-- #OliviaPope @kerrywashington #photosandgyros @maiteemiles @nardosimam @cecinewyork @emilyclarkeevents @jsblair9 @laurablair_ @brittanyeblum  Eating octopus was a first! At least it was grilled and fresh. #Santorini  #Santorini #Sunset with @brittanyeblum. Thanks for the shot @jsblair9 @laurablair_ @nardosimam @maiteemiles  #GraceSantorini and @laurablair_ @jsblair9 @maiteemiles @brittanyeblum @nardosimam.  She's got one hand in her pocket-- @maiteemiles and the mule take on #Santorini.  #Santorini sunset shooting @jsblair9 @laurablair_ in @nardosimam and hair+makeup by @maiteemiles. @brittanyeblum takes some pretty epic #behindthescenes photos!  Goodnight Dallas and good morning, #Santorini. Dropping off @maiteemiles at the airport and realizing it's 5AM here but 9PM home.

Stephanie and Ross have style, and they have me so excited for their wedding at the Joule this April. After drinks at 31 in Highland Park Village it was serendipitous suggesting the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas for their engagement portraits– it was where Ross proposed to Stephanie! We had the restaurant and balcony to ourselves for afternoon portraits and he showed me the exact table they were sitting in the night he asked Stephanie to marry him.

Rosewood Mansion -2
Rosewood Mansion -1
Rosewood Mansion -7

What I loved most about photographing Ross and Stephanie this afternoon was how comfortable they were playing in front of the camera. A few bat man poses and ‘Wedding Crashers’ references later there was a lot to laugh about between and during poses.

Rosewood Mansion -12
Rosewood Mansion -13
Rosewood Mansion -18
Rosewood Mansion -19

Leave a comment below if you would like the link to see their full wedding post e-mailed to you once it hits the blog!

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