#Repost from @ktfondren --- The best weekend with the best crew ... Successful 4th annual Labor Day @fondrensadventures #nobossesinbosque  So long, #StThomas! HUGE thanks to @stanleykorshakbride and @stanleykorshak for KILLER wardrobe to work with in some really fun places!!! #Zegna tuxedos and #NaemmKhan @maiteemiles @emilyclarkeevents #stthomaswedding  Back to the mainland today! @emilyclarkeevents @maiteemiles @benscott07 @lindsaybrookehiggins #camerasandcoconuts  Underwater #camerasandcoconuts snorkeling with @lindsaybrookehiggins and @benscott07. Wish y'all were here @emilyclarkeevents @maiteemiles !!!  Soggy Dollar Pain Killers in between shoots #camerasandcoconuts @emilyclarkeevents @lindsaybrookehiggins @benscott07 ... @lagniappe58 cannot WAIT to share these with you!!!  How work gets done, transferring from boat to island-- @benscott07 + @lindsaybrookehiggins y'all ROCKED IT today. @maiteemiles @emilyclarkeevents #camerasandcoconuts  Not too bad of a view for a week! #camerasandcoconuts @emilyclarkeevents @maiteemiles @lindsaybrookehiggins @benscott07  Island exploring with @emilyclarkeevents @maiteemiles #camerasandcoconuts  This wouldn't be nearly as fun without @maiteemiles and @emilyclarkeevents @stanleykorshakbride @stanleykorshak !!! #stthomas #virginislands  @kathrynehamilton these images from #BethesdaByTheSea are easily some of my favorites! Can't wait for you and Colby to see the beach photos too!

Stephanie and Ross have style, and they have me so excited for their wedding at the Joule this April. After drinks at 31 in Highland Park Village it was serendipitous suggesting the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas for their engagement portraits– it was where Ross proposed to Stephanie! We had the restaurant and balcony to ourselves for afternoon portraits and he showed me the exact table they were sitting in the night he asked Stephanie to marry him.

Rosewood Mansion -2
Rosewood Mansion -1
Rosewood Mansion -7

What I loved most about photographing Ross and Stephanie this afternoon was how comfortable they were playing in front of the camera. A few bat man poses and ‘Wedding Crashers’ references later there was a lot to laugh about between and during poses.

Rosewood Mansion -12
Rosewood Mansion -13
Rosewood Mansion -18
Rosewood Mansion -19

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